Are You a Geek?

Jeff Foxworthy, of Blue Collar Comedy Tour fame, has a schtick which allows him to help his audience members determine if they might be rednecks. Here are a few informative examples:

  • “If you refer to the 5th grade as ‘my senior year,’ then you might be a redneck”
  • If… “you’ve ever hit a deer with your car…deliberately”
  • If… “you mow the front yard and find a car”

  A sample of Georgia born Foxworthy’s comic genius.

While there aren’t many rednecks working at NE Computer Solutions, there are quite a few geeks. So we decided to compile a short list of our own:

You might be a Geek if…

  • Your idea of the perfect gift is BSG: The Complete Series
  • Your remote can do anything with the push of a button, but you’re the only one able to use it
  • You automate everything in your house, including your lights, thermostat, and dog bowl
  • You’d rather attend a Scala convention than go to Disney World
  • An entertaining Saturday includes hacking your mobile phone to make it a web server
  • Your family refuses to watch movies with you, because every time there’s an implausible scene with a computer- you have a coronary
  • You take your spouse to Lake Tahoe, and when he/she sees natural beauty, you see fractals
  • You have the poster from Admiral Adama’s quarters hanging above your desk

If there was any doubt that we are indeed geeks

  • You believe Linus Torvalds eats Chuck Norris for lunch, a list of what Linus Torvalds is capable of
  • You have enough spare computer parts to build a particle accelerator
  • You call IT support, and 5 minutes later they offer you a job
  • You get a call that a server is down, and you reboot it with your cell phone
  • You like to ask these questions: “Who is Kernel Panic? Why is he in my computer?”
  • Your doormat says welcome…in binary code
Binary Code Welcome Mat

That says "Welcome" in Geek

So are you a Geek? Feel free to tell us any other indicators of Geekdom!

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3 Responses to Are You a Geek?

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  2. LostSouls says:

    I have a server called Schrodinger. It’s always up and down at the same thime. Do I qualify ^^ ?

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