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Last month, we posted an article called “Startup Weekend: One Businessman’s Dream of Revitalizing Hartford.” The post outlined the appeal of Startup Weekend, and the personal experiences of one participant. For those of you who didn’t read that entry, Startup Weekend is an inspiring program that invites a large number of computer developers and business strategists to work together in competing groups in order to create a viable start-up in just 54 hours.

When local business owner Nicholas Bereza attended Boston’s Startup Weekend he found that the energy and entrepreneurial spirit evident at the event were not only a worth-while personal experience, but also the type of program that would benefit the greater Hartford area. Since then, he has worked closely with local organizations such as HYPE (Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs), MetroHartford Alliance, and premier sponsor Northeast Utilities, to make a Startup Weekend possible in Hartford.

Startup Weekend: Hartford will be held from September 23-25, and will give life to ideas that may have a lasting impact on our world. As of now, participants who win the competition will be given half price at an incubator of their choosing in the CT Business Incubator Network and several hours of free legal service. For everyone involved, it’s a chance to take part in something bigger than yourself, invent solutions to address real-world problems, and network with other passionate and driven individuals.

Hartford itself boasts proximity to world-class universities, is located near Providence, Boston and New York, and it has the potential to become a major hotspot for technological development. However, for that dream to be realized, the city needs brave and innovative people who are invested in its future and who are capable of addressing Hartford’s challenges. Start-up weekend is rewarding for direct participants as well as for Hartford itself, because it brings those people together in a community that needs and wants them.

Want to learn more about Startup Weekend Hartford? Check out its website!

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